Michael Haydn



– 1806


Requiem in C Minor MH 155 Schrattenbach Requiem

Date of composition: 1771
Scoring: soli SATB, chorus SATB, 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, timpani, violin I & II, basso continuo
Duration: 45 minutes
Michael Haydn composed his Requiem MH 155 in Dezember 1771 upon the death of his employer in Salzburg, Prince-Archbishop Sigismund Graf von Schrattenbach. At the time, the composer was also experiencing a period of personal grief:
Haydn’s only child, Aloisia Josepha, died in January 1771 before reaching her first birthday. This mass for the dead had a profound musical influence on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he was working on his Requiem KV 626.
Recording: Péridot Salzburg, Peter Peinstingl

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Requiem in C Minor MH 155 Schrattenbach Requiem
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