Residenz Salzburg, Carabinieri Hall

The Carabinieri Hall in the Salzburg Residenz is an impressive example of baroque splendor and historical heritage. Built in the 17th century, this hall captivates visitors with its intricate ceiling frescoes by Johann Michael Rottmayr, depicting Saint Augustine surrounded by angels and cherubs. Elaborate stucco work adorns the walls, lending the space a unique elegance. Besides its historical significance, the hall serves today as a venue for concerts and exhibitions, making it a cultural gem. A visit to the Carabinieri Hall is therefore an essential experience for history enthusiasts, art lovers, and culture aficionados who wish to immerse themselves in Salzburg's grandeur and history.

Residenzplatz 1, 5020 Salzburg

Residenz zu Salzburg Ensemble Peridot Salzburg

Residenz Salzburg, Carabinieri Hall

The Salzburg Residenz is widely renowned for its architectural splendor and symbolic importance in the city’s history. Nestled within this impressive residence is the Carabinieri Hall, a room steeped in history and cultural heritage. Built in the 17th century and named after the royal Carabinieri who were once stationed here, this hall reflects the baroque splendor and artistic richness of its era. Featuring a breathtaking ceiling fresco by Johann Michael Rottmayr depicting Saint Augustine surrounded by angels and cherubs, the Carabinieri Hall offers a captivating glimpse into the historical grandeur of the Residenz. The exquisite stucco work on the walls and opulent wall decorations bestow an unmatched elegance upon the space, testifying to exquisite craftsmanship. The Carabinieri Hall is not only a historical treasure but also a cultural hub where regular concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events take place. This hall provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere and enjoy cultural events of the highest quality.
For visitors looking to explore the Salzburg Residenz, the Carabinieri Hall is an absolute must-visit. It is typically accessible as part of guided tours, allowing you to experience the history and intricate details of this impressive space firsthand. Whether you’re interested in Salzburg’s history, Baroque art, or musical culture, the Carabinieri Hall offers something special for everyone. It mirrors the rich history and cultural heritage of this fascinating city, offering visitors the chance to step into the past and experience Salzburg’s grandeur up close. A visit to this magnificent hall is, therefore, an unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts, art aficionados, and culture lovers alike.
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Residenz Salzburg, Carabinieri Hall
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